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Dream a little and custom build a starter Jeep. 4 Wheel Drive is a great place to order parts from. I have been using them for years. They also have a forum section that is worth a look in itself. I ordered my suspensions for the 1980 CJ-5 and the 2003 Sahara from here. Along with $$$ of other parts.

Northridge Another great source for parts.

They are very helpful and will make suggestions/recommendations about the products you order This is where I ordered my Atlas slip yoke eliminator and some other supplies from. Summit Racing is another trusted source. I have ordered tools, tires and rims from Summit. Including shipping, Summit had the best prices on the tires I needed. A web site with how to information.

A great resource for many projects. Spyder Customs, another big name in the 4x4 industry. I have some Spyder Customs products that I purchased through other suppliers. One of the big names in suspensions.

One of their suspensions resides under the 2003 Sahara I used to own. Another big name in suspensions. A leaf-spring system resides under the 1980 CJ-5. Another big name in suspensions. Yet another big name in suspensions. Yet another big name in suspensions and other items.

A long arm suspension system from them resides under the 2005 Rubicon. A front bumper from them is on the 2003 Sahara. They manufacture tires, including the set under the 2003 Sahara. A forum for 4x4 people.

They are a pretty serious crew. Jeeps and other 4x4 rigs.