I am a Rhodesion Ridgeback

How does one describe oneself? I guess I'll start with the obvious... I am a Canis familiaris (that means dog to you non-Gil Grissom people). My ansestors were from Rhodesia, thats in southern Africa. I consider myself more Zimbabwe than Zambia. I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback. My name describes my most unique characteristic, a clearly defined symmetrical ridge running the length of my back, formed by hair that grows in the opposite direction from the rest of my coat.

photo 3photo 3

See my ridge?

I was bred for hunting lions but my dad is the king of our house. Shhh, don't tell mom this because I love her, but I only listen to her when I feel like it. Oh yea, I also have a sister. But she is a stupid who sleeps in a drawer so thats all I have to say about her.

  • I am a ridgeback.
  • My name is Kevlar.
  • I have a sister.
  • She is a stupid.
  • Who sleeps in a drawer.

Here are some photos of me


Is that a cool pic or what?

22 days

Here I am, 22 days old?

28 days

Here I am, 28 days old.

61 days

Here I am, 61 days old.

61 days 2

Here I am, still 61 days old.

61 days 3

Still 61 days old.

76 days

76 days old, cute or what?


This is the first time I ever seen snow!


Who me?


Someone say food?

Savvy 1

Me with my step sister Savvy.

Savvy 2

Chase is fun!

Savvy 3

Tag, tou are it!

Camo 1

War games.

Camo 2

Enough is enough.


I love Christmas!


I'm tired of Christmas.




Can I have some?

Yard 1

What is that?

Yard 2

Is it food?


I'm bored.

I guess thats about all the photos I dare bore you all with.

I love Pets